6 Web Development Trends

6 Web Development Trends No CTO can resist in 2020

The thriving entrepreneurs of every business understand how cutthroat the web arena is and how demanding it can be to encourage their business well enough to get improved conversions and enhanced sales.Web development as a whole is an indispensable component for e-commerce businesses, as, without a website, your target audiences would never know about your brand’s services. When it comes to brand recognition these days, web application trends are progressively becoming a stellar trend for e-commerce brands across the globe. Traditional software-based mobile applications remain downloaded on audiences’ desktop platforms, while current web development trends utilize a brand’s website as the innermost portal for admittance. There are endless benefits for businesses that use web development applications. Some of the prominent trends of trends that have become hot topics in web development news are:

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

(AMP) Accelerated Mobile Pages introduced by Google with a significant focus on increasing mobile users every day, AMP is responsible for fast-loading mobile sites. Google AMP pages are created in a new HTML language to devour page loading speed and consistency. AMP web pages are more than 80 percent faster than non-accelerated mobile pages. AMP tops the list of current trends in web development. The prominent benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages are:

. Higher ad visibility rates and analytics
. Loads pages quickly and accurately
. Reduces bounce rate
. Customized and enhanced SEO

2. Voice search optimization

With the rapid increase in web development trends, the future seems to be based on less text and more voice-based. Virtual multifunctional home assistants like Siri, Google Home, or Amazon’s Alexa are some of the most used and preferred web development trends worldwide. The year 2020 witnessed smart and IoT gadgets that work majorly on voice-related technology. The benefits of voice search optimization are:

Voice Search optimisation

. Improved customer engagement
. Better relationships with customers via podcasts
. Flash briefing for smart devices
. Helps in focusing on long-tail keywords

3. JavaScript Frameworks

The web is a progressively vibrant platform, and fortunately, JavaScript frameworks assist, including creative functionality to websites. Even websites developed with content management protocols can clinch JS frameworks, and thus offer dynamic content according to the current trends in web development. If your site has active content requirements, then consider including a modern JS framework. The benefits of JavaScript frameworks are:

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. Robust data management
. Faster performance
. Improves content structure and behavior
. Helps in building system support

4. Blockchain Technology

With the mounting popularity of computer technologies, many things that once were impossible became existent, including cashless secured payments, e-commerce business, and cryptocurrencies. Secure online payments without any extra fees significantly power all the financial industry, and it has become possible only because of the blockchain technology. It is considered to be one of the most secures systems due to its virtual signature and encryption. It is indeed an essential topic of web development news because of its numerous advantages. Blockchain technology is immensely used in industries or sectors like finance, government, education, and healthcare. The technology is specially designed for security, convenience, and tamper-proof transactions. The benefits of blockchain technology are:

Blockchain Technology

. Transactions are faster and secure
. Sales are authenticated and validated
. Transparency
. Helps in fraud control

5. Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT, for short, is an advanced interconnection of technological advancement indicated as the next technological revolution—implying essential change, interruption, and an entirely new archetype for the planet. Majorly, the Internet of Things is a conservatory of the prevailing connections between people and cloud computing techniques to embrace digitally-connected “things.” It is a part of the list of current trends in web development due to the following reasons. The notable benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) are:

. Encourages the interaction between consumers and brands
. A large amount of automation and control in the working patterns
. Enhances knowledge and skills
. Monitoring and improvisation
. Time-saving and efficient

6. Responsive Websites

Talking about current trends in web development is certainly not possible without discussing responsive websites. The concept was adopted nearly a decade ago when smartphones were on the verge of actively capturing the world of technology. In 2019, every second search call was related to mobile users. It was high time for the developers to get in action and start working on polishing their products and services to make it accessible for the target audiences to search for their brand on different platforms.

responsive website

Final Words

Web development trends are evolving to a commendable and significant extent every single year. It’s critical for expert developers to get acquainted with the advancements for at least two reasons: to keep up with cutthroat competition and to hone the skills. Artificial Intelligence technologies, including the chatbots, exemplify business growth, and expansion when it comes to the current trends in web development.


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