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Understanding Cybersecurity And Its Concepts

If you are a daily user of the Internet, you must be familiar with the term ‘Cybersecurity.’ If not, we will introduce you to its concept and components in this blog. So, without any further ado, let us start.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the practice of keeping computer systems and electronic data safe and secure. The importance of Cybersecurity has risen tremendously over the years, especially in a world where more and more of our business and social lives are online.

Without Cybersecurity, anyone can intrude into your personal network and take out some necessary information. Cybersecurity is not a sensitive topic, but it is not a topic that is talked about more often. Further in this article, I will be covering all the relevant aspects of Cybersecurity.

What is a Cybersecurity threat?

what is CybersecurityIn simple terms, a Cybersecurity threat is an act of damaging, stealing, or disrupting data. These attacks could be anything like Denial of Service (DOS), computer viruses, malware, etc.

Today, the way technology is evolving, hackers are upgrading themselves and finding new ways to intervene in someone’s private network. However, there are some tips by which you can prevent cybersecurity attacks to an extent. Let us dive into these tips.

  • Keep updating your software and operating regularly.
  • Use a paid antivirus software that can detect and remove threats like firewalls, anti-malware.
  • Whatever password you use, it should consist a special character, a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters. Also, do not use predictable passwords like DOB or phone numbers.
  • Never open email attachments from unknown senders. It may contain malicious data or phishing links that can burst into your private folders and deleted the necessary data.
  • Do not try using an unsecured network like public Wi-Fi for transferring sensitive information.

Where can you use Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity draws its usefulness in multiple contexts of business to mobile computing. It includes the following elements.

  • Network security: It is a process of securing a network and protecting it from unwanted attacks
  • Application security: It involves keeping devices and software free from attacks. For the apps that require constant updates and testing to ensure these programs are secure from attacks.
  • Information security: It is the practice of protecting the integrity and privacy of data during storage and at the time of its transition. Leaking confidential information could be harmful.
  • Endpoint security: It is the process of protecting threats in remote access to a company network. In business, remote access is essential but can be attacked as well for data stealing.
  • End-user education: People who use Internet operating devices like smartphones, tabs, laptops, etc. Should be educated on the best security practices and measures to minimize or write off cyber-attacks.
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning: It involves the planning of backup and restoring the data. In case of data loss due to disaster, the cyberthreat disaster recovery policies include how the organization can reconstruct its operations and information.

Why Cybersecurity is important?

Now, when you have understood the concept of Cybersecurity, let us move ahead and understand its importance.

Cybersecurity is essential because it comprises everything that relates to protecting our personal information, data, intellectual property, and governmental industry information systems from theft and damage attempted by criminals and adversaries.

Jonathan Kamyck, associate dean of programs for cybersecurity at Southern New Hampshire University, says, “ We are seeing tremendous demand for cybersecurity practitioners. Most businesses, whether they are large or small, will have an online presence, for example. Some of the things you would do in the old days with a phone call or face-to-face now happen through email or teleconference, and that introduces lots of complicated questions with regard to information.”  

Today, the need to shield information has spiked up due to the massive increase in hacks and hacking attempts. DOS and D-DOS attacks are common now as hackers tend to intrude into your unblemished network by planting one thing or the other. These malicious attacks are a concern at the highest levels of government. Therefore, having cybersecurity is a must to secure your network from unwanted malicious attacks.

What future beholds for Cybersecurity?

Now that we have discussed so many aspects related to cybersecurity, it is time to talk about its future. The trend is bound to change in the coming years, and it is something everyone looks forward to. Here, we have listed three trends that could change the landscape of Cybersecurity in the coming future. Let us discuss these trends one by one.

Trend 1: Cyber Security Automation

The first trend here is automation. We could see Artificial Intelligence providing aid to cybersecurity analysts to protect networks and personal information. As the network will grow big, automation and artificial intelligence will play a massive role in helping analysts to monitor network traffic.

Trend 2: Smartphones to become cyber threats

Many business transactions nowadays are done over smartphones and tabs. Therefore, these devices need to get protected from hackers and other malicious attacks. To nullify this, companies are inclined towards the YOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies allowing employees to bring their cell phones with them to the workplace.- This helps companies to keep their internal networks safe.

Trend 3: IoT is the new target for hackers

Hackers are planning to target devices that are not used commonly to defend a network. IoT devices are devices that have internet connectivity, and these devices would be the target for hackers. IoT devices include huge numbers of devices that are now connected online. These devices include security systems, televisions, smart lights, appliances, personal health devices, etc. These devices could be gold for hackers to break into your network.

Time to wrap up: 

So that concludes our views on Cybersecurity and why Cybersecurity is important. Cybersecurity is perhaps the best measure to keep your network secured and prevent hackers from intruding into it. We hope this post must have made you understand why Cybersecurity is of utmost importance.


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