10 Best Flutter App Development Companies

10 Best Flutter App Development Companies

Flutter is a new-generation open-source mobile UI framework created by Google in May 2017. With Flutter, you can create a native mobile application with only a single codebase. The rise of Flutter has been astonishing, and it has been a paradigm shift in the way apps are being developed.

 Flutter app development is lighter on your pockets, and it is the one to look forward to with an eye on future developments. In this post, we have listed ten of the best Flutter app development companies that have been making all the right noises in the market. So without any further ado, let us start with the list.

Droid on Roids

Droid on RoidsBased in Poland, Droid on Roids is a Flutter app development company established in 2011. The company offers full-stack mobile, backend, web services, Flutter (cross-platform), along with native development services. Their success stories lie in projects like Lifestyle, Fintech, Mobile Commerce, Healthcare, Energy, and other industries as well. The company has made its name with dignity, and its employee size ranges between 50 to 249.




MindInventoryWith offices in India and the United States, MindInventory has been providing helping aid to enterprise startups and agencies since 2011. They have been providing services in terms of Enterprise Web Development, Mobile Solutions, Startup Consulting, and UI/UX consulting as well. They are a team of 160+ employees that have been working from headquarters based out of Ahmedabad, India.




MiquidoMiquido is a Google Certified Agency and a one-stop software house capable of solving business challenges. They possess experience of 10 years and have been transforming bold business ideas into exceptional digital products. They have delivered their impeccable solutions to several brands like HelloFresh, Skyscanner, BNP Paribas, Nestle, etc. Some of the popular services offered by them include AI and ML product strategy, web and mobile development, app design, etc.




AppinventivAppinventiv is perhaps the most popular name on this list. It is an award-winning web and mobile app development company that has been established for 6+ years now. The company has more than 500 in-house experts who have been working to deliver excellence in the form of mobility solutions. They have formed their bases in different countries including, India, France, the United States, and UAE. The company has also expanded its reach to various sectors of the industry like Healthcare, Real Estate, On-demand, and so on.


Neebal Technologies Pvt Ltd

Neebal Technologies Pvt LtdThe only purpose of establishing Neebal Technologies was to deliver the ‘right technology’ for clients. Today, their exposure is to embrace mobility and have pertained to deliver this effectively. For the past decade or so, Neebal Technologies has been implementing “Enterprise Mobility Solutions” and cross-platform application Development for multiple corporations, that include SMEs and Fortune 500 companies.




TechugoTechugo is one of the fastest-growing app and software development companies today. They have an office based in Noida, India, and in other countries as well including Canada, UAE, and the USA. The company has managed to craft more than 350 apps for over 120 clients within a span of 5 years. They have been delivering innovation with precision.




Evon Technologies

Evon TechnologiesEvon Technologies is a web and app development software company with a team comprising more than 250 technology enthusiasts and evangelists. The company is based in Dehradun and has been offering state-of-the-art tech consulting and development services to startups and SMEs. The minimum project cost they charge is $5000.





BrainMobiNext up is BrainMobi. It is a leading mobility solution provider for customer mobiles, web apps. The company is headquartered in Noida, India, and has some R&D centers in the USA, India, Germany, and Qatar. They are known to deliver a full spectrum of software consulting and development services to more than 200 clients from 10 countries ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 enterprises. 




IntelivitaThe next name on the list is Intelivita. It is a globally renowned software development company, recognized as a leader in mobile and web app development in the United Kingdom and globally. The company is known for eCommerce development, virtual to augmented reality app development, etc. The IT services offered by Intelivita help in launching and amplifying your business online and increase brand awareness and sales.



Singsys Software Services

Singsys Software ServicesThe final name on the list is Singsys Software Services. It is a well-established Software development company based in Singapore and office in Lucknow, India. They have been in the market for nine long years now and have delivered more than 2800 projects successfully. Throughout their stay in the market, Singsys Software Services have managed to deal with more than 2,000+ ventures and created the most scalable mobile apps, websites, and Enterprise solutions, which have been acknowledged by Fortune 500 brands.


Time to wrap up: This completes the list of some of the best Flutter application development companies that have made all the right noises. Choose any of the mentioned names for your next Flutter app development by narrowing down your search based on various parameters like budget, location, and size of the company.


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