10 Best Travel App Development Companies Going Around

10 Best Travel App Development Companies Going Around

The revolution in mobile application development has reached immense heights already. Today we have apps for almost everything and in every sector, including the travel industry.

 Travel apps have completely transformed the travel industry for good. These apps help book flights, trains, hotels, while other apps of the same kind make an individual’s travel more enjoyable and convenient. There is a long chain of companies working on traveling apps, and today we are here to talk about these companies in brief. The companies that I am about to list here are highly professional in their work and have been rated highly by several rating sites. So, without any further ado, let us start with the list.


XicomThe first name on the list is Xicom. Established in 2002, Xicom is based in New Delhi, India, and is considered the expert in building mobile apps for travel & tourism at a competitive price. The company is developing innovative travel applications for mobile platforms like Blockchain, iOS, Android, Xamarin, AI, and AR/VR with utmost dedication and precision. The technologies they consider for app development include .NET web development, PHP web development, Java web development, Xamarin Development, AngularJsDevelopment, etc.




TechAheadTechAhead is another leading travel app development company located in the United States. From mobile to the web app, TechAhead has been providing traveling apps for almost every platform. The company comprises over 150 experts and app developers who work on technologies like SAAS applications, Blockchain applications, and Big Data Solutions.




Addon Solutions

Addon SolutionsAddon Solutions is another best software development company for travel app development. The company formed in 2012 is known for providing quality and effective solutions. They create the best mobile and web apps for both startups and entrepreneurs. The technologies they incorporate in their app development including React native development, .NET web development, Flutter applications, Java web development.




AppinventivLocated in Noida, India, Appinventive is one of the most reputed travel app development companies that has gained immense popularity by creating high-quality applications for their clients/partnered businesses, entrepreneurs, and SMBs. Since their inception in 2014, they have developed 500+ travel apps and have developed various tourism & travel applications in other industries like real estate, education, healthcare, enterprise & finance. React Native, Flutter applications, and Swift are the technologies they generally use.




SourcebitsBased in the United States, Sourcebits is one of the best companies for cross-platform mobile app development services. Sourcebits have provided over 550 applications, including 20+ top chart apps across industries like travel, gaming, retail, finance, education, etc. The technologies they work upon are Cloud solutions and Angular applications.




Focaloid Technologies

Focaloid TechnologiesBased in Bangalore, India, Focaloid Technologies is a mobile app development company specialized in creating travel apps. The company focus on app design, simplicity, user experience, and other things to make the app stand out from the rest. The team at Focaloid Technologies is dedicated to its work and using technologies like Cloud solutions and Angular applications.





ValueCodersValueCoders is a reputed mobile app development company located in Delhi, India. It got founded in 2004 and today they are one of the top travel app development companies in India. ValueCoders is a certified ISO and CMMI level 3 company and specialized in app development services. One of the best things about ValueCoders is if a customer is not satisfied with their services, they provide customers with a 100% full money-back guarantee. Services offered by ValueCoders include PHP web development, .NET development, Angular Js development, Xamarin development, Java web development, etc.



FATbit Technologies

FATbit TechnologiesLocated in Mohali, Punjab (India), FATbit Technologies is known for providing cutting-edge software solutions in various industries, including travel and tourism. Their workforce follows the agile development methodology to create software that scales to modern business requirements and adds value to the client’s business. Services offered by FATbit Technologies include Mobile app development, Digital Marketing, Web app development, Web design, Website development, Online Reputation Management, Brand identity design, IT consulting, etc.




TechugoLocated in Delhi, India, Techugo is a reputed travel software development agency with more than five years of experience. The company has more than 120 expert programmers who are dedicated to creating the best applications for different industry types, including finance, e-commerce, healthcare, retail, etc. The services offered by Techugo include Blockchain Solutions, DevOps Solutions, Cloud Solutions, etc.




RadixWebFounded in 2000, RadixWeb is another tourism software development firm established in India. The team works their heart out in developing the best apps for tourism. Having established for over 20 years now, RadixWeb’s fundamental aim is to provide customers with the best solutions and services so that their customers can get along with them. ReactJs Development and AngularJs Development are the other services offered by RadixWeb.



Time to wrap up: The names mentioned in the blog above are among the most popular travel app development companies going around. If you are looking to build a travel and tourism app of your own, you can hire any of the names mentioned above for the best results.


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