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7 Best Free and Open Source Screen Recording Software

Did you try to screencast? Or are you an expert customer and you want a new tool to improve your experience? We analyzed and compared the best screen recording apps (both free and paid) to help you find the right match for your unique needs and present them here for you.Although various screen capture devices are various in price and functionality, the majority share a variety of features, like:

. Camera clip adjustable;
. Formatting choices cut-and-paste
. Recording time unlimited

What tool can you use to build a successful video lesson, sell your company to online consumers, or even film your favorite game with a new maneuver? This shortlist contains everything you need to make and start making an educated decision.Here we’ve selected 7 best open-source screen recorder applications to help you pick the right one that fits your unique needs.

How does Screen Software work?

The cycle begins by rendering the scene currently displayed on your computer and includes the applications and the content displayed. The application for screen recording reads the text and transfers it to its memory. That completes a single image capture operation.But if you need to record several screen images the cycle will be repeated. These multiple images are then compiled and translated into a video needed for how-to-dos, product demos, videos, or tools for learning.

Free Cam: 1. Free Cam

Free Cam is a very basic free screen recorder with an Audio / Video editor built-in. The elegant and intuitive interface enables you to create screencasts to a professional’s ease. While this app is free, it sets no watermark and is ad-free.
. No watermarks, time limits or commercials
. Voice-over interviews and machine effects
. High-quality resolution
. Videos can be stored as a WMV or posted to YouTube directly
. Unused video fragments are quickly removed
. Reduces residual noise
. Wide variety of audio-effects
. Just saves WMV files
. No logging on webcams

DVD Video Soft’s Free Screen Video Recorder 2. DVD Video Soft’s Free Screen Video Recorder

A company known for its free conversion tools, Free open source screen Recorder for android is a full-featured but lightweight free screen recorder. With no limits, it can capture Skype conversations and is also useful for Skype interviews and video conference calls. Various Windows applications can also be defined and collected as discrete components. Included is a simple user-friendly image editor which is remarkably helpful in achieving a polished appearance.
. Provides easy screenshot functionality
. Separate Screen and Video capture types
. Ideal for capturing Skype Talks
. Audio capture by microphone only
. Excessive ads could disrupt your work

ShareX 3. ShareX

ShareX is an open-source ad-free platform that offers about as many custom features as some paid video recorders for applications. ShareX is mainly aimed at developers and power users, and the many specialized tools and editors could make an ordinary consumer miss out.
. Full screen, browser, display, area, freehand, or scroll records
. Suits hotkeys for simpler and quicker navigation
. Funds a variety of Link sharing facilities
. Imports films, songs, or images
. Makes custom watermarks and results with colors
. Poor Game Reporting rate
. For average person difficult
. No logging on webcams
. Reported to fail when big files are uploaded
. Photo editing not available

CamStudio 4. CamStudio

CamStudio is a decent option for single- or casual users with limited editing requirements. This lightweight, open-source screen recording program produces AVI file videos which can be translated to SWF later. Although its compactness appeals to others, some are calling for further growth and greater technological assistance.
. Makes a screen-in picture
. Allows making tiny files
. Customisable mouse
. Open standard video production options
. Dangerous viruses and malware allegedly spread
. Outputs to AVI only with a Flash conversion
. Performance is not consistent with certain browsers
. Falls out of line with recording
. Features lacking in interactivity and animation

Ezvid 5. Ezvid

Ezvid claims to be the simplest screen recorder in the world, and that may not be too far from the facts. Ezvid’s transparency is improved by the quality of the product: primarily developed to save time for consumers, it can help you create and post videos directly to YouTube within minutes. This is why the device enjoys popularity among gamers and film enthusiasts who are involved in creating video recordings regularly in the way they can.
. Provides computer-generated, narrative expression
. Universal high quality (1280 x 720p HD) resolution;
. Monitor speed of production videos
. New, streamlined GUI
. Reader notes strange noise
. Small glitches and lack of accuracy

TinyTake 6. TinyTake

TinyTake by MangoApps is a sophisticated screen recorder that helps you to catch, add feedback, and post images and videos from your computer screen with others in minutes. TinyTake comes with a cloud-based online gallery where you can store all of your screenshots and recorded videos.
. The exchange of bulk files
. Public URLs available to post
. Web media reader built-in for photos, recordings, and documents
. Allows the development of personalized shortcut keys
. The Game Player is Smartphone compliant
. Free edition has a Video recording maximum of 5 minutes
. Video files are only transferred as MP4
. Roles for editing minimal

iSpring Suite 7. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite is a fully loaded, eLearning built authoring toolkit. It contains a professional recording studio and a collection of other online teaching tools: a platform for course authoring, a questionnaire builder, a dialogue simulator, and an interaction editor. The video studio helps you to render voice-over screencasts, video guides with notes, and screencasts complemented by a presenter picture.
. Can capture two videos simultaneously: a screencast and a webcam recording
. Story interviews
. Has a multi-track Photo Editing Timeline
. Includes photos, visual notes, infographics and subtitles
. Only available in mp4 video format
. Few digital apps and an animation


Above we have compiled a list of the best open-source screen recorders for 2020, from desktop applications (running on Windows, Mac, and Linux) to add-ons for browsers.


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