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Best Hybrid App Developers to Choose from

There’s a saying ‘necessity is the mother of inventions’. This phrase has time and time again proved its significance in contrasting ways. 10 years back, no one was aware of the fact that smartphones will become an undeniable asset in human lives. But this has already happened.With smartphones comes applications and there are various Hybrid mobile app development companies in the market busy in creating the best mobile applications.

This comprehension is for those who are seeking top hybrid mobile app development company or companies which focus on creating full-featured, cross-platform compatible mobile applications.However, before going further, it is essential to know about hybrid applications.

What are hybrid applications?

It is a software application that has attributes of both native and web applications. In other words, hybrid apps are web applications that are put inside a native app shell.So basically, when you have got an idea of hybrid applications, it is now time to jump onto the next part which will focus on the best hybrid app framework and development companies.

Hyperlink Infosystems 1. Hyperlink Infosystems


Based in Ahmedabad, India, and having a workforce spanning from 250 to 999 employees, Hyperlink Infosystems is considered one of the best hybrid mobile app development company in India and also stands with high authority globally.Apart from mobile app development, they offer services like web and CMS development, TV app development, Mobile game development among others.

Cubix 2. Cubix


An award-winning app development company Cubix is one of the leaders in mobile apps, games, and enterprise development companies. They work on the best hybrid app framework and are expert in development, customization, and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, business intelligence analytics, advanced web, and mobile solutions.Cubix’s hourly rate ranges from $25-$49/hr and has its base set in the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

Swenson He 3. Swenson He


They might not possess big strength in terms of the number of employees, but Swenson He is tailor-made for designing custom mobile and web software solutions.Keeping user experience at utmost priority, Swenson He is driven towards achieving goals and delivering better products with high-quality services.

Konstant Infosolutions 4. Konstant Infosolutions


Having established their feet for over 17 years in the market, Konstant Infosolutions is a globally recognized mobile app development company. Android app development is their backbone which has helped them achieve rare heights.The likes of Citrix, NASSCOM, Seconds, Rawbank, Nestle, etc are among their satisfied customers.

RipenApps 5. RipenApps


RippenApps was found with a vision to aid startups and visionaries who were seeking support in developing mobile-based applications.Their vision made all the right noises and in a very short period, RipenApps proved to be a helping hand for over 150 startups and visionaries globally. In Hybrid app development, React Native app development, Iconic app development, Phonegap app development, Flutter app development, and Xamarin app development are their expertise.

Mobidev 6. Mobidev


Based in the United States with offices in Ukraine as well, MobiDev has worked with efficiency to provide world-class Mobile and Web solutions.MobiDev has created over 320 software products for almost every scale of the organization in 8 years. IOS, Android, Flutter, React Native and Xamarin are their premium hybrid developments.

MobileCoderz Technologies 7. MobileCoderz Technologies


For small and mid-size businesses, MobileCoderz has established itself as the premier choice. Based in India, they offer a dedicated team of UI/UX designers, mobile strategists, and mobile, web app, developers.They have developed mobile applications for over 300 clients and have an outstanding success rate with 500+ completed projects.

Quytech 8. Quytech


Which is the best hybrid framework? This question may arise in the minds of the budding app developers now and then, and to address this Quytech has got the best answer.With a worthy experienced team at their disposal, Quytech has focused on developing custom mobile apps, AR/VR, Blockchain and game development, Artificial Intelligence, and developing mobility solutions.Their target sectors are E-commerce, Healthcare, Training and Development, Education, Manufacturing, Real Estate, etc.

ARKA Software 9. ARKA Software


Based in Jaipur, India, ARKA Softwares are an ISO 9001:2015 certified web and mobile development solution provider. They have successfully delivered over 600 projects to over 450n+ employees and these numbers are increasing courtesy an esteemed team of over 100 developers and designers.Apart from providing Web and Mobile app development and services, they are into fantasy sports delivering app solutions and other related services in the field of sports betting and also developing sports-related applications.

Zco Corporation 10. Zco Corporation


The Zco Corporation carries the tag of one of the best software development companies in the United States. The services they provide include custom mobile games, apps, 3D animation, AR/VR, enterprise software, etc.Their employee strength ranges from 250-999 and is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire with other offices in Boston, Massachusetts, and New York.

Zealous System 11. Zealous System


A certified partner with Microsoft Gold, Zealous System is a passionate team of coders who have expertise in mobile and web application development for both IOS and Android platforms.They have dwelled their services in the latest technologies like Kotlin, Java, Flutter, Swift, React Native, Xamarin, and Ionic. With agile methodologies, they have got all their task cut out and are expected to grow with ease in the foreseeable future.

7Edge12.  7Edge


One more app development company which works for its business in both India and the United States. 7Edge delivers web and mobile applications based on technologies like Node, IOS, Java, Ruby on Rails, Angular, Native Android, and AWS.In the era of rapid digitalization, enterprises are continuously trying to transform their strategies and processes to meet customer expectations. 7Edge has been in this market for over 10 years now and are well-versed of the radical changes and strategize their plans accordingly.

Conclusion: Hybrid applications are being created in bulk with immense competition in the market. The development companies are up for this challenge and using the best hybrid app framework to ensure the quality of the end product.


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