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Top Graphic Design Companies of 2020

Whatever web pages you see on the internet are a prime example of exquisite web designing. It is something that attracts the viewer at the fore and should be high-end.A part of web-designing is graphic design. Arguably the most creative part for any business or a company, Graphic designing also plays a sizable role in establishing the branding, identity, and personality of a company. These aspects make a graphic designer a vital pillar of the organization.Having an in-house graphic designer is always a good option, but when there is no such leisure, then you need to look for a graphic design agency that will assist in your organization’s growth.In this comprehension, I have shortlisted some of the best companies and agencies which will provide high-end solutions to all your graphic related obligations. Let us start;

 1. Digital Silk

Based in Miami, Florida, Digital Silk is considered one of the best graphic design companies in the USA. With a tagline of ‘Growing Brands Online’, the focus on creating superior digital experiences.
Having worked with top-end brands like Microsoft, Xerox, AT&T, Amazon, P&G, NFL, HP, NYU, and NASA, their forte is to develop creative yet effective digital properties.
The services they offer include Brand and Digital strategies, Integrated Marketing strategies, Custom Web and App development, and Cutting-Edge Software development.

 2. The Bureau of Small Projects

Located at Rolling Hills Estates in California, the Bureau of Small Projects is dedicatedly working for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and startups.
Apart from providing Web designing and Web development services, they offer Ad agency services, branding agencies, creative agency services, WordPress web design, Magento, Shopify, among others.

  3. Juice

Juice has a dedicated team of one of the best graphic designers who have played a vital role in the enormous growth of this company in merely 3 years.
Juice is an integrated digital marketing agency that focuses on maximizing ROI that has helped in drawing revenues across user acquisition, lead generation campaigns, and e-commerce.
Paid media and pay per click, SEO, Shopify, E-commerce design and development, Ad agency services, content marketing, and copywriting are among their key areas of expertise.

 4. Xhilarate

Established in 2016 with a vision to provide the best services with merely 5 members, Xhilarate has come a long way. They are skillful in designing web, graphics, print, logos, and packaging.
With their impressive efforts, they have had the privilege to work with gigantic names like AON, Viacom, Comcast, AB Brands LLC, American Express, etc.

5. Smart Sites

An award-winning web designing and digital marketing agency, Smart Sites are among the fastest-growing companies in the USA. Since its inception in 2011, Smart Sites has over 100 five-star reviews against their name courtesy extraordinary customer services and a dedicated workforce.
They are the cornerstone in providing services like 360-degree digital agency services, E-commerce design, and development, logo design companies, WordPress designing, Digital marketing, SEO, Magento, Inbound marketing among others.

6. Slice

Established in 2004, Slice is a UK based branding and packaging design agency that has set its foot in graphic designing firmly in the United Kingdom.
Packaging is probably the most vital part of a product to flourish. An eye-catchy packaging is what drives the consumer to choose your product. Slice has been exceptional in designing for 16 years now and remained flexible yet refreshing.The services Slice offers include WordPress website designing, Package designing, Graphic and Print design, Branding Agencies, Logo Design, etc.

 7. Ink Inc Creative group

Established last year only, Ink Inc has made this list courtesy their work culture which focuses on strategy and creativity. Their minimal budget ranges from $1000 to $10000 and have under 49 employees.
The services they offer include 360-degree Digital Agency Services, Branding Agencies, A Agency Services, Video Production, Consulting, Creative Agency Services, Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Pay Media and Pay per Click, etc.

 8. Happy Cog

Headquartered in the City of Brotherly Love, Happy Cog have a long list of success rate when it comes to graphic designing. Their client history includes names like Harvard Business School, MTV, Bill, and Melinda Dates Foundation, Georgetown University, etc.

 9. FRW Studios

FRW Studios successfully brings ideas to life for all scale companies. They were established in 2016 and have a minimal budget ranging from $1000 to $10000.
Apart from doing graphic and print design, FRW studios are into Branding Agencies, Graphic and Print design, Ad Agency Services, Package Design, Digital Marketing, and WordPress Web Design.

 10. Axis Visuals

Axis Visual is into branding, design, and marketing providing services like web design, marketing services, and brand creation.
Located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Axis Visual is capable of creating packaging labels, printed materials, product service literature, and exhibit product and design. Apart from these services, they also offer user experience design among other services to attain a prominent customer base.

11.The PM Group

The PM Group has its tagline saying, ‘We don’t develop ads, we develop business.’ The PM Group creates ads and has an in-house TV and radio team that has worked creatively to offer unique solutions to their customers.
They have a worthy experience of 31 years which has helped them to attain a significant position in the market. Content marketing, Integrated marketing, Market research, Consulting, Video production, Creative agency offerings, etc are some of their other areas of expertise.

13. Red Spot Design

Located in Dallas, Texas, Red Spot Design is a reputed web design company that provides new or recreated web design, shopping cart design, mobile site design, graphic design, and services.
Over the years, they have made constant growth in their stature through unique ideas and using the skill sets of their best graphic designers to the core.
Their key services include E-commerce SEO and Marketing, Content marketing and Copywrite, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Video Production, etc.


Graphic design is never-ending stuff. Both web and graphic designing sail on the same ship. To reduce your workload of drooling through many graphic design companies websites over the internet for the perfect option, I have made a list of the best graphic design companies present globally. It is now your turn to make a decision and choose the best suited.



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