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Impact of Coronavirus on Software Industry

There stands no need to shred the light on the current scenario of how this year has been. The world is going through a tough time as it has reached every distant corner of the world. It is one of the largest pandemics that this world has ever seen. The novel coronavirus caused because of the consumption of the uncooked bats- that’s what sources said.If you haven’t heard this word till now, then you are living under a rock at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The pandemic in the initialization created silent chaos in the market. It has impacted every vertical and people all across the globe can see its adverse effects on business and jobs.The increasing number of active cases and deaths all across the globe has startled everyone. With countries under lockdown, businesses all over the world are affected to a greater extent. It has caused the economy of the world to shrink and policymakers are trying to recover from the sudden consequences of the lockdown.

There is an increasing pressure on the software industry as more than 50% of the people have already transformed their businesses from offline to online. The use of mobile apps for every purpose has been increased as sales from the physical stores are declining as either they are open for a short period or entirely being closed.On the other hand, online delivery services are active and have increased incredibly. There is a high surge in the demands of the products and manufacturing being slow, the supply is seeing a shortage.The online delivery service is not fully active giving a chance for the mobile app and web app development a new phase.

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How is coronavirus affecting the software industry?

Food delivery apps:

The most affected industry due to the coronavirus is the food delivery services apps. Why is that? It is because the novel coronavirus is spreading from person to person after being in contact with people.It is not safe to eat out these days and people all over the world are restricting themselves. During the lockdown under effect, no restaurant and hotels were open. It made people more realize the gravity of the situation and now are more likely to cook food at the home rather than ordering outside.

Food delivery apps

Gaming applications:

Lockdown implies long hours of spending in homes and prohibition from going outside, people have begun searching for different ways to combat boredom and make good use of time. There was a massive download of 22 million smartphone gaming applications in a week in China from the app store. In February, the overall update speeds rose 40% percent relative to Feb 2019.A famous game called the mobile premier league is on a roll as the daily user count for the season, rose by 400 percent from March 2 to March 18.All of this inspired higher market prospects as it caught investors’ interest.

Shopping application:

The demand for health-care and lifestyle services has grown for online retail brands like Amazon. After the pandemic, yoga mats, workout equipment, helmets, gloves, and similar products have been in demand.As brick and mortar stores shutting down, people flocked online to get their shopping needs met. The pandemic across the supply from the retailer has been reduced while the inventory in the warehouse depleted. Now people all across the globe are making of their lost time. There have been consistent orders to fulfill after the lockdown is lifted across the globe. During the lockdown, Amazon had 80,000 negative reviews worldwide, though it has come up with agenda and strategies to maintain streamline flow.

Shopping application


Applications that deal in the lifestyle section are always active. The lifestyle major section depends on the skincare products and brands are paying utmost attention and are maintaining social distancing while focusing to streamline the business.Skincare products, napkins, and various other similar products are being used in the same cart pack of groceries.


With people working from home for a longer period now, there is a surge seen in the electronic industry in the last few months. The need for the new laptops and other accessories is emerging at a higher pace as electronic items wear and tear in the time.

Groceries or on-demand apps:

The domain of on-demand apps is very large but amid the lockdown, most of the services were put on a halt except the grocery delivery apps as they were given special permissions by the government.The app did experience high profits and people even after the upliftment of lockdown are choosing the apps as a reliable partner for grocery delivery.The owners of such organizations are paying the utmost attention to maintain social distancing and deliver the things that are needed in daily use like fresh veggies, dairy products, and more.


The software industry is affected due to the business as the process has been slowed down to a level. From now on, it is seen that only the demands for the software utility is increased and can be seen as a high surge in the delivery of quality products and services.


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