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Leading Android App Development Companies for 2020

Android has ruled the Smartphone world for years as a pioneer in operating systems. With the mobile revolution, greater competition in Smartphones and a range of advantages, Android has become a powerful feature of any enterprise that exists in modern times today. Companies’ research organizations aim to develop Mobile App technologies to address user experience, retention, and conversion challenges. Yet it is a difficult task to create an effective and flexible solution. You can’t be counting on some potential business contestants.

Therefore, to ease the search for a suitable Android app development companies, we are providing you with the list of top Android app development companies and the 2020 developers you can trust.Take a look at some of the important criteria that the top android app developers have adopted in planning this comprehensive study before going forward.

Ranking Aspects:
. Market value
. Cost-efficiency
. Overall number of applications produced
. Business scale clientele
. Range of sectors workers base
. Business market share
. Input from Consumer comments
. Pursuing maintenance

Michigan Software Labs1. Michigan Software Labs:

Michigan Software Labs takes pride in its application development capabilities as a leading company within the Android Mobile Development Business. The staff is extremely responsible for the application’s user interface. One thing that makes the firm stand out is its human-centered science, which fuels design and growth.

Appinventiv2. Appinventiv:

Appinventiv has an outstanding team of seasoned accomplished wealth management executives, technical specialists, and professional advisors. It is an Android app development company focusing on overcoming user-centered interface barriers by developing tailor-made mobile applications and has successfully shipped over 1000 apps to consumers from all over the world to date.

Magora3. Magora:

Magora has a justification to be at the top. The Android App Development Company’s goal is to help the consumer gain success by tailor-made applications and services, whether it means moving the consumer to the top of the market, gaining higher revenues, or helping to realize long-standing ambitions and ventures.

Polestar Tech Consultancy4. Polestar Tech Consultancy:

Polestar Tech Consultancy is a firm renowned for its high quality and prompt deliverables, and the creation of software. For more than 7 years of experience and 200 active projects, the company has proved itself to be a leading Android App development firm for offerings including Web Creation, Mobile App Growth, SEO, and Marketing, and Enterprise Portal Creation. It’s a multinational brand renowned for producing highly pleasing, refined, and professional apps that successfully and reliably fulfil client purposes.

itCraft5. itCraft:

ItCraft has been in the Android Device Development Industry for the past 10 years and has provided reliable React Native Product Development solutions through custom apps and robust strategies during this period. ItCraft also dominates custom tools, web-based applications and platform systems, Smartphone phones (Android, iOS), and more.

Mobisoft Infotech6. Mobisoft Infotech:

Mobisoft Infotech kicked off as a bootstrapped Android Smartphone device production venture in 2010, following a web-first growth strategy and evolving in no time as an end-to-end digital software innovation business. The company’s slogan is to be a multinational companies’ trusted technology advisor to inspire them with transformational technology solutions.

Mobikasa7. Mobikasa:

Mobikasa guides and helps consumers deliver responsive websites and Mobile Smartphone applications with the strong support of their graphic designers and Ui experts working together to develop beautiful, practical, and innovative solutions. The Mobile app creation business is ideal for consumers looking to build an app, a platform, or an internal team solution.

Innofied Solution Private Limited8. Innofied Solution Private Limited:

In 2012, the Innofied Solution began its venture into the industry of web and mobile creation and quickly became one of the best Android software companies. The Android app development company quickly became one of the “Best Mobile App Developers in India,” with its absolute commitment and zeal.

Better Software Group9. Better Software Group:

Better Software Group is one of Europe’s most innovative tech service suppliers, with a business reach of eight years running. The Android Application Development Company has broad technological experience in custom product development, UX / UI analysis, and deployment, integration of applications, and apps providing it on various platforms and all types of Smartphones.

Yeeply Mobile10. Yeeply Mobile:

Two Spanish businessmen, Luis Picurelli and Hector Badal had created Yeeply Mobile. Upon two results, the Android app development team launched their quest, one was that the existing marketplaces were not impartial and did not rely on price, and the other was a need for a personalized site in the mobile device industry. Yeeply Mobil, with over 1000 projects shipped to its customers today.

noomek11. Nomtek:

Nomtek is a production company for Android applications that focuses on creating a device that belongs to consumers for the best possible use of their budget. The business specializes in rising excess, shortening market time, and creating actionable insights. With a team of entrepreneurs powered by creativity and unparalleled experience in providing on-demand software, Nomtek aims to offer reliable operation.

 DeviceBee Technologies:12. DeviceBee Technologies:

DeviceBee is a creative product engineering firm focused on empowering the enterprise with cutting-edge technological solutions. Throughout the United Arab Emirates and elsewhere, the Android software development firm is best known for developing cool apps, blogs, and plans for companies. Through their outstanding squad of programmers, Smartphone device creators, researchers, and tech geeks, all is made possible.


We’ve listed the best Android App Development companies in the USA, India, Dubai, etc. and other countries around the world. If you’re running a company and want to develop your Android app then this list will be a great support to you. You can pick from this list only one service, and employ it to create the Android app for your firm.


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