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Top 15 Mobile App Development Companies 2020

Mobile app development all across the globe in booming at an exponential rate. Top app development companies are thriving to deliver unique solutions to their end-users. The mobile app user experience is the only thing that matters the most. There are over 4.8 million apps on the app stores, but how many does a person download?The downloads and retention on the app depend on what kind of app it is, what is the purpose of the app and especially the user interface of the app. 70% of the apps are once downloaded and deleted after their first use, it is mostly because of the bad user experience that the app provides.

Moreover, the app stores like Appstore and Playstore receive more than 2.5K apps per day for publishing but most of them are rejected because of diverse reasons.Mobile apps carry immense opportunities for businesses all around the world. When you think of a mobile app for your business, it is necessary to consider all the factors that come associated with it such as the market for mobile apps, cost of development, the expertise of mobile app development.

Four years ago, the global mobile app market was around USD 88 million and now the market is expecting to expand to approximately 24 percent reaching #101 billion in gross revenue by the end of 2020 across all app stores.If you are thinking to get a mobile app developed, we will suggest you hire a mobile app development company as it considers various factors and ensures the best mobile app delivery.There is no dearth of app development services on the market, satisfying the global clientele. But which one is right for you?To save you from the trouble, we have gone through extensive research to measure skills and list out the top app development companies.

1. Konstant Infosolutions:

The first to hit the list is Konstant Infosolutions, a premier software development company that offers a wide range of web and mobile solutions across the globe since 2003. It has a team of 170+ highly qualified and experiences IT professionals who deliver the best solutions and consulting services across diverse business needs.

2. Fluper:

The second to hit the list is Fluper, a mobile and web app development organization that is delivering out of the box solutions to its clients globally. With a workforce of over 300 people, the company boasts professionals and experts of all domains. The company pursues following the latest trends in the field of technology such as native app development, Cross-platform app development, and more.

It is among the top mobile app development companies in India as a high-quality product, the app support & maintenance, and delivery of the product within the timeline takes the company top on the list.

3. Merixstudio:

The third filling up the list is Merixstudio, an organization known for its innovative solutions. It is a full-stack of 120+ experts who build digital products for clients worldwide looking to outsource software development to professionals. The organization is an expert in delivering high-quality and performance web apps and cross-platform mobile apps. They support their clients in end-to-end product development or seamlessly extend their in-house team of engineers.

4. WillowTree:

The next to hit the list is WillowTree, an industry leader in mobile app development, which includes Android, iOS, Windows. The organization is known to deliver powerful solutions to top brands in the market including AOL, TimeWarner, Johnson & Johnson, and more. The team of the organization is expert and assures speedy development, faster development, high performance, cost-effectiveness, user-centric design, 100% customer satisfaction and conversions. They have created hundreds of projects of Android custom apps, engineered wearable apps, Android TV apps.

5. Fueled:

The organization was established in 2008 and is now ranked on the topmost preferred mobile app development companies that boast outstanding capabilities and world-class developers. Fueled core competency includes designing and developing a mobile app that gets featured in-app store with the diverse skill of professionals. With a data-driven approach, they believe in terms of agile application development and analytics-driven approach.

6. Codiant Software technologies:

Codiant is a YASH technologies companies that are pioneering in mobility and custom web product development. They are a digitally-fluent force with a team of 250+ certified mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, analysts, marketers, and managers who are well-versed with the latest technology. They have delivered over 700+ projects with a clientele of 120+ worldwide.

7. Infojini:

The organization was founded in 2006 and has provided IT services to various government and fortune 500 clients globally. They believe in delivering value and sustainability to an ever-changing business environment with the latest trends. It is also ranked as USPAACC Fast 100 growing companies for the last two years.

8. Apptunix:

The next to hit the list is Apptunix, a mobile app development company that brings mobile innovation to life. The organization is doing wonders since its inception in 2013. It is often regarded as a premier mobile app development company. The company has over 200+ working projects and their work-ethic is unmatched. The organization also offers a free 30-min app consultation.

9. Cumulations technologies:

It is a mobile app development company having expertise in developing IoT, Android, and iOS applications supported by a strong backend infrastructure. The organization is having a successful track record of launching projects offering a wide range of web and mobile app development services across the globe in 2012.

10. Dogtown Media:

The next to hit the list is Dogtown media, an organization that curates impactful mobile apps that solve real-world problems. They are good at harnessing the power of upgrading technology to make a positive difference in IoT, AI, and AR/VR. They offer a plethora of services like mobile app development, UI/UX app design, IoT, Connected devices, AI, Machine Learning.

 11. Techuz:

It is among the top mobile app development companies in India that are providing exceptional web and mobile app solutions to all sizes of businesses and industries. The company has experts that help to deliver the promises of quality, intellectual capital, and develop a product following a creative and modern approach for meeting clients’ expectations.

 12. CMarix:

It is a leading technology outsourcing company of India with clients across 36+ countries globally & experience of 900+ web & 270+ mobile apps. It is ranked among the top 20 enterprise software providers. It has proven processes & structure to ensure great quality, pro-active communication and provides a much higher ROI for any of your software development enterprise solutions.

 13. Chop Dawg:

The organization started in 2009 and is doing wonders since then. They have delivered over 300+ next-generation apps from mobile and web pages. The services offered by the organization are UX strategy & design, Android & iOS mobile development, react native development, marketing, QA & deployment, app indexing, blockchain, and more.

 14. Intellectsoft:

The second last to hit the list is Intellectsoft, a mobile app development organization is known for its intelligent mobile solutions. A full-service custom software and mobile app development company that has an extensive set of competencies. They deliver agile applications with the purpose of satisfying customer app development needs. It has delivered over 300 projects over the clients worldwide.

 15. CitrusBits:

The last to hit our list of top 15 mobile app development companies is our CitrusBits, the organization leads the field in design innovation and digital development. They help you build your business with reliable and affordable technology solutions. The teams at CitrusBits provide every client with a satisfactory app at an affordable price.


With the advancements in the field of mobile apps, businesses are now entering and choosing them as the perfect partner to explore the new audiences. Here we have provided 15 mobile app development companies that are well-known and delivering high-quality service and products in the market. For your next project, we recommend you to hire a mobile app development company.


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