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List of Big Data Development Companies 2020

Indian IT companies hold the distinction of being a hub of top big data companies and rank amongst top-10 big data consulting service providers, with their offices situated in the US. These big data consulting companies pave the way for various companies to prosper in their respective businesses. We have compiled the big data companies list for you.

 1. Xicom Technologies

XicomTechnologies, is a pioneering organization amongst emerging technologies, specifically from hiring Top big data Companies from India. It boasts of being among the best Data Science service providers from India and its offices in the USA. Xicom possesses various tools and technologies, such as Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, Kibana, Logstash, Hadoop, Apache Storm, Apache Kafka, TensorFlow, Tableau, Power BI and R Programming, for resolution of data-centric issues and for providing data-related solutions. Xicom has to its credit the benefit of global exposure for matters about data analytics and its decision with vital data, which is made possible by a team of dedicated software engineers. It is a big data consulting company in the USA. These engineers have the requisite experience and expertise in resolving critical problems faced by startups and big business houses alike.

 2. Sigma Data Systems

Sigma Data Systems are also ranked amongst Top Data Science Companies in India. The hallmark of such big data companies is providing Business Intelligence and Analytics. The domain-specific business processes is the competency of this organization. It paves the way for its clients to lead them forward through its relentless zeal and approach to excel. The clients of Sigma Data Systemsengaged in IT projects related to big data, cloud and enterprise applications are extended professional excellence in the successful execution of their projects. Due to such fantastic reasons, it named among the best data analytics companies in India. In addition to the above, other spheres of its expertise include database management (SQL &NoSQL), technology integration, UI development and testing services.

 3. LoginWorksSoftwaresInc

Login works, founded in the year 2006 in India, is rated amongst the top-notch Big Data Analytics service provider having an impeccable track record in their field of activity. Delivering, designing and developing inventive IT solutions have made it possible for various businesses to move ahead in its operations in the IT sector. It is among the top big data companies that cover a broad spectrum of activities such as organizations engaged in fields of infrastructure development, e-Commerce, Big Data Solutions, Advertising and PR, Hospitality, Finance and others. Various IT data analytics projects to its credit include Point-Of-Sales (POS) system, Office Collaboration software, Mobile Data Capture using RFID, Server Management application and recently added – Mobile Ordering System.

 4. LatentView Analytics

LatentView Analytics, found in the year 2006 in India and has offices in the USA, is rapidly expanding its wings of the knowledge-based service provider in the field of Big Data Development, result-oriented Data Analytics, providing decision management. Being one of the leading Big Data Developers, it possesses diverse capabilities in marketing and customer management through its analytical skills. It is one of the ideal data management service providers. Its capacity is backed by its track-record of globally few service providers, being a trusted partner for multiple Fortune 500 clients. It is one of the top data science companies in the USA.

 5. Indium Software

Indium Software provides technology solutions, especially in Big Data Engineering & Analytics, Blockchain Development, independent QA and Gaming, made possible by its team of experts. This big data consulting company is known as one of the best Big Data Development companies, committed to extending exceptional, customer-centric data solutions. Its diverse areas of expertise in big data management include Cloud environments on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and integration with Real-time solutions.

 6. Rudder Analytics

Rudder Analytics offers prophetic and probing data analysis, assisting organizations to steer in the right direction. Its ability to be best-in-class, yet providing practical solutions, makes it curate the nook in the global landscape of Big Data solutions company with its team of experts. This big data consulting company employs a wide range of statistical analysis techniques and development tools for data ETL, mathematical modeling and data visualization, apart from delivering actionable insights across industries and businesses.

 7. Cartesian Consulting

Cartesian Consulting, set up in 2009, is a perfect amalgamation of AI and ML models for ready-to-use products that make it a preferred choice as one of the best Big Data Analytics Service providers. It is a popular name in the big data companies list. It has a workforce of over 200 employees spread across India, APAC and North America. It set up its AI lab in mid-2017 that is engaged in converting its IP into consumption-ready solutions. The hallmark of Cartesian Consulting is business-customer relationship development through analytics.

8. Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions Inc is a big data consulting company for hiring Big Data Developer, having its offices in Chicago, Dallas and India. It delivers best-in-class AI software for IoT applications and provides data services and digital alterations to various enterprises. With a decade-old experience of providing proficiency in strategy, design, engineering solutions, and R & D services to startups and Fortune 100 companies, Softweb Solutions has attained expertise in data management.

9. ThirdEye Data

The expertise of ThirdEyein in the fields of Data Sciences, Analytics and Engineering Services makes it a preferred choice for availing Big Data Consulting Services. ThirdEye leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ ML) technologies that help its global customers to create higher-value technical solutions accurately. ThirdEye assists organizations convert skills into deliberate & planned insights for informed & timely business decisions. It is named among the best big data companies.

10. Qburst

QBurst is amongst the top 15 Big Data Development companies providing product development and consultancy services focusing on new-generation technology platforms. Its team of 100+ experts includes developers, designers, UX engineers, quality assurance specialists, business analysts and project management professionals, providing exclusive services. It is a big data consulting company best known for its services.


India rushes its shoulders today with leading global IT companies in providing big data consulting, analytical services and cash back sites. There is no shortage of such service providers who are also having their business operations in the USA.


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