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10 Best Project Management Software & Tools in 2020

Are you looking for some best project management software and tools for your business that help in collaboration with your team? If the answer to the above query is yes, then feel contented that you have landed in the right place with us. It won’t be incorrect to state that to stay in the current stiff competition adopting most new methodologies and implementing unique techniques that boost your output at work has become the need of the hour in the present situation.
The companies are using a top project management software system that helps the project managers and teams to accomplish targets and manage time. However, there are several options accessible in the marketplace, and it is moderately hard to select the one with a lot of features, choosing the one that suits your business needs can be confusing, and individuals often get confused about where to start. With the growing demand for management tools various small and medium-sized businesses across all industries, verticals are now using online software. Here in this blog, we have listed the top 10 project management software tools that you can add in your office to manage your tasks efficiently.

What is the best project management software?

Nowadays, Project Management Software is used by both small and large-sized businesses for resource allocation, project planning, and setting up. The project management tool helps the project managers to handle all the team tasks in a well systematic manner. This way, the project managers control their financial plan, quality management, and all certification exchange all through a plan. The software used by the company also serves as a platform for boosting teamwork amid project supervisors.
List of top 10 project management software
From the past few years, there have been a lot of changes in the software tools in the marketplace. Nowadays, these applications are increasing their features and adding a more unique combination of features that make them more valuable in the market. Have a look at the top 10 project management software’s:

1. ProWorkflow

It is web-based project management software that helps the users to handle tasks and projects uniquely. With this tool, you can easily track, organize, and check your projects, and know all about the status of the project. You can boost the productivity of your organization with this application that provides a complete set of features. In addition to the exclusive features that this software offer, customers also like the free quality support that helps businesses in several ways.

2. Jira

Being one of the best project management tools, Jira is used to track and manage all the tasks in an efficient manner. This agile project management tool is used by companies to assign work and know the status of the assignment. The software is used by the development teams to manage their tasks. In addition to this, you can also track issues that your team is facing. The users of the software can generate reports that help the team in improvement. You can integrate this software with several other tools and manage and boost your workflow.

3. WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax is Cloud-based job management software that is used by several companies to manage their daily tasks. The software is delivered as Saas. With an end-to-end Project management solution, it is used for timesheets, quotes, job management, and invoicing.

4. BuildTools

You must be aware of BuildTools software, it is considered as one of the best online project management software. The web-based software is completely integrated construction PM software. The modular construction management platform is particularly designed to handle the back-office procedures of custom builders and remodelers.


Now you can start your office work with the It is the best project management software that helps you in managing and creating your workflow in a unique pattern. With this software, you can visualize and draw attention to all the elements that are crucial for the project. It is easy to use this tool as you can share work with your whole team in one go. It is the best time management tool that offers diverse plans, depending on the size of the business and the number of employees.

6. Basecamp

Being considered as the best project management software, Basecamp is extensively used by a lot of project administration teams. There are various features that this software offers to project managers for collaboration. You can simply assign the work to the team along with the submission date, where users can leave comments.

7. ProofHub

If you prefer simplicity in the work process, then you can choose Proofhub. It is an online project management software that mainly is designed for handling small projects. In case you have just started your start-up and you are running a small business, then it is the right option for your business needs.

8. Zoho

Well, this software needs no introduction, as it is known to people widely. Being wide-spread project management software with a sparkling and clear-cut interface, Zoho covers a range of areas that help you manage everything from Project Planning to Reporting. You can use this tool for document management as well.

9. Asana

Want to keep your work organized? If so, then Asana is the option that suits your needs. This project management software helps you in managing tasks, in your company in a systematic way. You can create dashboards and track projects vital to you.

10. Wrike

Looking for cloud-based software to manage your projects? Wrike is a cloud-based teamwork and project management tool that helps its users to keep track of everyday procedures and make sure that the project is completed within a definite time.


In a nutshell, we can say that companies should systematically plan how they start using project management software. The software helps you in collaborating with your team and thus save you time. Give enough time to your team to understand the features and benefits of the software. With these project management software’s you can give your team an extra boost for their upcoming projects.
Hopefully, you will find all the software mentioned in this blog useful, as we have tried to compile the best project management tools. In case you are using any software that you feel is useful and we have missed in our blog, then do let us know in the comment section.


In this blog post, we have created the list of the best project management software after thorough market research that helps you to improve your business game. Before you select any one of them, we suggest you go through the complete blog to understand each of them completely.


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