Interview: Mr. Venkatesh C.R. CEO of Dot Com Infoway

In the mobile app development marketplace, the last decade has been really exciting. The sheer number of Smartphone devices being created and used today, as opposed to a decade ago, is unprecedented. Today we have over 5 billion people worldwide using Smartphones, and the number of people using the internet is over 4 billion – these numbers alone are enough to explain consumers worldwide ‘s the rapid adoption of mobile phone apps.Recently, we interviewed Venkatesh C.R., Dot Com Info way’s Managing Director and CEO, one of India’s leading IT services companies, to hear about patterns, opportunities, and more relevant to the demand for app development.

1. Let us begin with the launch of Dot Com Infoway (DCI) and its journey so far.

Dot Com Infoway, an end-to-end IT Company, is one of the early IT-sector entrants. Established in the year 2000, DCI has come a long way from being a mere web technology business to its present stage in which we provide a wide range of services including IT outsourcing, cloud and mobile device creation, digital marketing, and IT infrastructure support.

DCI has received many awards for innovation throughout its growth and sets the highest standards in mission, efficiency, and operations. The fact that we are a CMMI Level 3 accredited organization is a strong statement of our contribution to organizational and service quality excellence.

2. At over 18 years of experience you are definitely a key player in the development of mobile applications. Can you tell us how the demand for creating mobile apps has developed in the last 10 years?

In the mobile device production market, the last decade has been really exciting. First, as opposed to a decade ago, the sheer amount of Smartphone devices that are being created and used today is incredible. Today we have over 5 billion people globally using Smartphones, and the number of people accessing the internet is over 4 billion – these numbers alone are enough to explain consumers globally ‘s growing growth of cell phone devices.We also saw the trends of internet marketing and advertisement shift and focus on web advertising strategies that are targeted to the web.

3. Nonetheless, the competition is very different from what it was a couple of years ago and what it is now. Especially as regards competition. There are plenty of mobile application development firms out there, what is the one aspect that separates you from your rivals?

Dot Com Infoway has IT and business consulting expertise in its DNA. Therefore, we ‘re not only developing ideas based on the new technologies for our clients; we ‘re still infusing the industry acumen when constructing the approach.Our ability to grasp the market complexities involved with any product or service has helped us overcome the competition and stay competitive in this constantly changing technology environment.


4. The market is seeing steady growth and tendency toward Artificial

Intelligence ( AI), Robotics, Blockchain, Things Internet, Chatbots, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc. Would you integrate these developments into your portfolio, or do you have any plans?Yeah, we have adopted AI, the internet, IoT, VR, and so on and are aggressively designing apps and solutions focused on these technologies.

5. Let us know the top five sectors where you think the production of mobile apps has tremendous business potential.

We assume that through mobile apps, all industries and interests, whether commercial or social, stand to benefit a lot. That said, I think education, EdTech, fintech, e-commerce, and gaming will continue to be excellent opportunities for developers of Smartphone applications.

6. What process / method do you adopt when creating an app? Plays any role in automation?

At Dot Com Infoway we follow the agile approach for the creation of software. We use a range of plug-ins and software that somehow simplify a solution. We use mainframes and other interchangeable components to retain consumer efficiencies.

7. Inform us about your acknowledgment and your awards. Why do they help you provide services better?

After its inception, Dot Com Infoway has received several awards. We have been ranked most recently by as one of the best mobile device production firms in 2018. We have also received many competitions in the area of digital marketing.Awards also raise our confidence and inspire us to reach higher software production levels and perform with greater strength and dedication. The awards also say that our approach for app creation and our organizational methodologies are on the right track.

8. Bring our readers a brief rundown of the top 5 trends in technology development to be predicted in 2020.

My take for the coming year:

. The use of machine learning and AI in Smartphone applications will be broader
. This will be in demand for IoT and wearables
. It will become famous for hyper-local m-commerce and social media
. Fast apps (these apps should be used without installation)
. Chatbot incorporation will be on the rise of Smartphone applications

9. And as a managed service provider you are in dedicated servers. Why do you think this service or web hosting services have impacted cloud, in general?

Cloud has changed the game of hosting for good. Today, companies are looking to outsource their entire IT infrastructure to be more lean and flexible on the IT front. Managed service providers like us think the situation fairly fitting because the cloud offers us a chance to work with even leaner infrastructure. Combining our physical infrastructure with the Cloud as a platform, we are now able to manage services with utmost efficiency for even a larger client base.

10. What’s up with your 2019 roadmap?

We have been on an aggressive course of development and expect to maintain the direction for the coming year as well. In addition to the pushes for foreign business growth, we also introduce emerging technology and initiate programs that target unexplored consumer sectors and industries. We also streamlined our development and execution teams to make our offers much quicker, sharper, and more efficient.

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